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Book Review: Lucy’s Book Club For The Lost And Found.

lucy.pngA book club is something I’ve often thought about joining but never have, which is a shame if they are anything like Lucy’s Book Club For The Lost And Found.

This lovely story, by popular author Emma Davies, follows the lives of library manager Lucy Picklescott (great name) and her motley crew of four participants.

It’s written in the third person and follows each of them at different points, which I really liked.

Here’s the blurb (I’m using the Good Reads one because I like it better than the others).

Once upon a time, a woman called Lucy ran a little library with a big heart. It only took one look at the members of her book club for Lucy to see how she could make all their dreams come true…

Full-time carer Lia dreams of learning to dance, but as her mother becomes more reliant on her, that wish may never come true.

Widower Oscar is longing to find the daughter he put up for adoption as a young man, but does she even want to be found?

Single mum Hattie is overweight and unhappy since her cheating ex-fiancé humiliated her at their engagement party.

Sensitive soul Callum is a hopeless romantic and the black sheep of his family. Will he ever find the courage to fight for what he wants?

Lucy kicks us off and seems much older than her 24-years, as does Callum, who is 19 going on 45. Lia and Hattie were very well written and I immediately warmed to them, maybe because they are more my age, while Oscar was probably my favourite of them all.

The intertwining stories are what really create the magic in this book. Oscar’s, in particular, was heartbreaking (I cried real tears) but I was so pleased with the way his ended – not exactly the way he hoped but certainly a good deal better than when he started.

And Lucy, who is so set on helping everyone else, eventually realises she has some work to do on herself – leading to a rather lovely conclusion.

If you’re looking for a feel-good read which is perhaps a little bit deeper than usual, this book is for you.

Format: Kindle.

Price: 99p.

My rating: Four stars.

With thanks to Bookouture (via NetGalley) for the ARC in return for my honest opinion.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Lucy’s Book Club For The Lost And Found.”

  1. This sounds like a really lovely book, and I do like books with happy endings! And a total bargain too!


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