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My Sunday Photo – October 8th, 2017.

eaton park 1 2

I’ve been cracking on with decorating the living room this week so chances to get out with my camera have been few and far between. It’s nearly done now, thankfully.

This shot was taken last Sunday on a dull, grey day at Eaton Park in Norwich. Years ago my running buddy spotted a heron at the pond but we have never seen once since and it’s become a long standing joke. I even mentioned it this time but as we jogged by I noticed a head below the wall and emergency stopped mid-run to grab a photo on my phone. I snapped it quickly just in case it flew away but also because I didn’t want to interrupt our run for too long. I like the fact it’s standing next to the “no fishing” sign.

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Wishing you an enjoyable week ahead.




24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – October 8th, 2017.”

  1. What a great photo! We occasionally see one fly over our house and it was stood on our neighbours roof for ages. But they have a tendency to fly away as soon as you grab a camera!


    1. Exactly! I think he might have been poorly because he was still there when we had finished – and we’re not quick by any stretch of the imagination 🙂


      1. Oh no! That’s a shame. Can you do something else? We are all a bit poorly (again). I have a chest infection and Freya has tonsillitis. Bloomin’ school germs!


  2. Heya. I just featured Eaton Park in a blog post, so I thought I would search the park in the reader to see who else has been! The heron was there when I went last month, people were fascinated by it 🙂


    1. Hiya! I think it must be a regular fixture (just not early in the mornings when we run). People on Facebook have told me they see it all the time. It is a lovely park.


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