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My Sunday Photo – August 27th, 2017.

IMG_1981 3

My baby is four. Can you believe it? I can’t, even though I am surrounded by cards and balloons with it on.

I had an idea of where I wanted to take her birthday photo this year, which I use on thank you cards, but when I tried it, I just couldn’t get the shot I had in my mind. It was a bit frustrating. Not only did it start raining but the bandstand (see below) just didn’t work, for all sorts of reasons. Luckily it did make for a lovely shelter during the downpour.

IMG_1401 2

Then one night we decided to head up to Mousehold Heath to let Freya run off some energy and I grabbed the balloon. I got some nice shots with Norwich as a backdrop and have used one of those on the card (along with some random ones).

Do you do special yearly photos? I wonder how long she will let me do it for?

To see what other people have snapped for this week’s My Sunday Photo please click on the camera below.

Wishing you all a lovely week.


19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – August 27th, 2017.”

  1. Hi Tara, I hope she had a wonderful birthday and you got over the shock of having a four-year-old! I quite like the one of Freya in the bandstand. It reminds me a little of a picture where Christopher Robin is holding Pooh Bears paw with one hand and a balloon in another. We used to do a ‘special’ photo the first day of school, but that stopped a long time ago, now I have to catch my two by surprise to get a photo!



  2. Happy birthday, Freya! Such beautiful photos.
    I always insist on a photo of the birthday boy/ girl in front of their presents first thing in the morning.


  3. Happy 4th Birthday Freya! Outer eldest was 4 at the end of Feb. It’s amazing how much he’s grown into a total boy since being 4… so assertive! Hope Freya had a fabulous year. Love the balloon, great idea of taking yearly birthday photos, I think we might have to start that tradition!


  4. I never think to do yearly birthday photos although I do a Christmas one each year. Love the photo in the bandstand. Hope Freya had a lovely 4th birthday 🙂


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