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My Sunday Photo – August 20th, 2017.


Do you talk to yourself when you take photos? No, just me? I don’t even talk, I sort of make strange noises of appreciation. An “oooh” here or an “aaaah” there, if the light is particularly lovely or there’s a butterfly. I get some funny looks, I can tell you.

Luckily, when I snapped this one I was all on my own because there was a definite “oooooohhhhhh” when I went to the bottom of the garden of the converted barn we’ve been staying in for the last few days  (more about that on Wednesday) and this was the view.

The fabulous thing is that the image hasn’t been tinkered with at all. This is just exactly how it was. What a privilege to witness it.

To see what other people have been taking photos of this week, please click on the camera below.

I also have another brilliant Behind The Book post tomorrow with the award-winning writer Kate Field so please do pop back.


29 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – August 20th, 2017.”

  1. That is stunning!
    I have to say I don’t talk to myself when I take photos, but it made me smile thinking of you doing it!


  2. When I’m taking photos I can be very vocal “you beauty” or ” oh…FFS”. All depends on the moment! These images here though are stunning. I’ve been looking at the skies a lot recently. With a bit of editing, they make for amazing photographs, as you have proven!


  3. That’s gorgeous Tara. What a view. I sometimes do talk to myself but in my head. Usually something like “stay still, just so I can get the shot” at something mobile.


  4. Yes, I always talk to myself when I am taking pics! 😀 This is just stunning, what a fabulous capture! 🙂 #sundayphoto


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