#MySundayPhoto, Things To Do In Norfolk

My Sunday Photo – August 13th, 2017.

IMG_1733 4

As we had such a nice time at the degree shows in Norwich recently, I decided to take Freya to the Sainsbury Centre, which is based at the University of East Anglia, and enjoy their outdoor sculpture trail around campus.

IMG_1793 4

Once again she was really interested in the pieces – and had some very funny opinions of several of them.

She was a bit frightened by the three Antony Gormley sculptures, especially the one we could get close too. I thought they were wonderful – although I can see why their placement caused controversy.

IMG_1758 2


We are without the internet for the next few days so I’ll be late commenting on my fellow My Sunday Photos and also responding to any comments kindly left on this post (sorry!). Normal service will resume shortly.

Wishing you a good one.


23 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – August 13th, 2017.”

  1. Ah, yes, I remember these statues in London! I’m not surprised Freya was a little upset by the one she could approach. I do love the curious way she is peering around another sculpture!


  2. The sculptures look fabulous and the building is a very interesting 1960s design too. People must do a double take the first time they see the sculpture on the roof, I know I would!
    Enjoy your internet-free time!


    1. They are the student halls of residents, the iconic ziggurats. Yes, I think there have been some fears about that (along with encouraging some people to jump).


  3. Hoping to be spending a bit more time at UEA soon!. I love the photo of the stepped buildings with the figure on top – art, design, environment. It should be on the front of the prospectus!


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