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Easy Crafts With Children: Milk Carton Fairy House.


Dear reader, I’ve done something awful. Truly. Awful.

Something probably beyond your comprehension. You’ll no doubt never want to visit here again after this confession – or you’ll certainly think twice about it.

I have to share it though. I can no longer keep it to myself (I am a blogger, after all).

I have….


The Fairy Garden.


What sort of person, what sort of mother, allows this to happen? I hate to think what the Fairy Queen will have to say when she hears about it.

In my defence, not only is my fading memory well documented but this is exactly why we live in a top floor flat. Imagine if we actually had a garden. It would look like this…only…bigger.

Poor old Fairy Belle moved out long ago – and even her spider friend recently decided enough was enough. Belle has been popping up all over the place – I once noticed her sat on the side of the bath – looking disappointed in me.

In a bid to atone for my crimes against the fairy kingdom (and because poor old Freya has hand, foot and mouth but is not quite ill enough to sit still) I decided we would spend the morning making Belle a new deluxe home with additional holiday lets, should she need the extra income.

After riffling through the recycling bin and craft box, I had a swift recap on Pinterest and  off we went.

The first job was to paint over the beach that the Playmobil people had been enjoying (made from the box our new mirror came in) and turn it into a forest floor with lots of different greens, which Freya had fun mixing. Before this was dry I let Freya spread the essential ingredient – fairy dust!

My poorly girl 😦

While I got to work on the milk carton house (you can see various examples on my Pinterest board here), I got Freya to paint the toilet rolls and then make some leaves and flowers (as the carton was a bit tough for her to cut). I was worried about the cut edges being sharp and my plan was to use masking tap on them but they weren’t sharp at all.

Next it was time to decorate everything and pull it all together. I admit, I probably enjoyed this bit more than Freya who was using her scissors to cut up bits of scrap card (it’s all learning, right?).

And ta-daaaa!


The funny thing is, Fairy Belle, who was last seen yesterday morning sitting on Freya’s bookshelf, is now nowhere to be found. So, Belle, if you’re reading this, please come home. I’ll do better this time, promise (mostly because there is nothing to remember to water).

PS If I haven’t shocked you too much and you are willing to continue reading my ramblings, I’m having another go with Facebook and I would be thrilled if you would follow me or like me or whatever it is you do. I’m still not entirely sure of its merits but I’m keeping an open mind. 

PPS I am replanting the original garden. Must do better.


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