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My Sunday Photo – July 22nd, 2017.


We went on a little recce to Wells Next The Sea yesterday to set up a birthday present for my mother-in-law who is coming to visit soon.

It is the most picturesque town (I’ll post more soon) but I loved the colourful boats in the  busy harbour.

As always I’ve linked up with Darren at Photalife. To see what other people have snapped this week please click on the camera below.

I hope you have a fantastic week.


19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – July 22nd, 2017.”

    1. No, not a fan of crabbing. What I did like was that you could hire crabbing stuff for £6 and when you took it back you got £5 back. Saves all those plastic buckets and things being binned. I was very impressed.

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  1. I find it fascinating to look at boats in a harbour or on a beach. The colours are beautiful and I always wonder what adventures they have had.


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