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My Sunday Photo – July 9th, 2017.


I was desperate to get back to Strumpshaw Fen in June to try and see a swallowtail, our largest native butterfly (and also one of our rarest), but other things kept getting in the way.

It was July 1st before I finally found an hour to pop back but it was already mid afternoon and I was in such a rush, checking I had a card in my camera, a hat, suncream, water etc that it was only when I arrived I realised that I didn’t have any cash. Of course, there are no card facilities there so I couldn’t muster the entrance fee. Argh. I was even more disappointed when a visitor told me he’d seen THREE swallowtails earlier.

I dashed five minutes down the road to Brundall to use the cashpoint but by the time I got back it was 3.45ish and had clouded over a little bit. There were still some butterflies about but sadly no swallowtails (although I’m told there might be a second flush in August so all might not be lost if I can get back again).

While disappointed, I had a lovely hour or so wandering the peaceful meadow and walking a bit of the trail. I was so intent on looking for butterflies that I didn’t realise the dragonfly above was practically sitting next to me. It stuck around just long enough for me to take its photo (I said thank you, don’t worry). In fact, I saw quite a few dragonflies and damselflies about.


Another favourite was also flying so I came home happy enough.

Grey heron.

As always, I’ve joined Darren’s My Sunday Photo link up. Please click on the camera below to see what other people have taken.

Wishing you a happy and healthy week ahead.


25 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – July 9th, 2017.”

  1. Hi Tara, what a great name for a place, Strumpshaw Fen! You must have been really kicking yourself when you realised you didn’t have the cash on you (car ashtrays make the perfect place to stash cash!). I am sure that your politeness to Mr. Dragonfly will pay off and next time the Swallowtails will be flocking for a photo!



    1. I was so cross! Thankfully the cashpoint wasn’t that far away but still I think I’ll take your advice and stash some in the car.


  2. Sorry you didn’t get to see a swallowtail, but you still captured some fantastic photos. I’ve noticed dragonflies don’t tend to fly off when you put a camera near them – unlike butterflies!


  3. That is a fabulous picture of a dragonfly. I have never had any success photographing them myself, im too slow. #mysundayphoto


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