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My Sunday Photo – June 4th, 2017.


We visited Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Ranworth Broad over the bank holiday weekend and, as Freya loves boats, booked one of their guided trips.

Our skipper, the lovely and very knowledgeable Maurice, warned us that it had been a bit quiet that day but I was happy just to be on the water with my little family.

Having said that, there was a certain amount of glee when we not only spotted two herons (a family favourite) but then two marsh harriers flying in the distance.

The largest and broadest-winged of the harriers, it was once extinct in this country as a result of habitat loss and persecution. Its population has been slowly and steadily increasing and now more than 100 females nest in Norfolk each year (although it’s still on the Amber List, according to the RSPB).

IMG_1038 2

As we turned back, we spotted this one just sitting waiting for me to photograph it. I’m quite proud that I didn’t accidentally drop Freya overboard in my excitement #parentingwin.

Still holding her with one hand and the camera in the other, I kept snapping away as it spotted its lunch and set off.




They are not the best photos but seeing the marsh harrier in the wild was a thrilling experience – even Freya is still talking about it.

To see what other people have been photographing this week please click on the camera below. I’ll be sharing a full post about Ranworth Broad (including some lovely herons) shortly.


23 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – June 4th, 2017.”

  1. The fourth and sixth images in this collection are classics. I do love a good bird of prey and whenever I go up to Scotland I try to photograph them but it rarely happens. Difficult images to capture I imagine?


  2. Hi Tara, what a wonderful series of photos! And how fantastic to get to witness a Marsh Harrier on the hunt. I would most definitely have dropped Freya in my excitement and probably not have picked her up until the bird was out of sight! Excellent photos!



  3. Tara, they are great pictures for someone holding the camera with one hand. Unlike you I would probably have let go of BattleKid’s hand in my haste to photograph them. #mysundayphoto

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  4. How amazing to see the marsh harrier in the wild and these are beautiful photos of it. I am amazed you managed to take them one-handed! 🙂


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