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Beautiful Blickling In Bloom.


What do you think of our new home? Not bad, eh? A little small, perhaps, but I think we’ll just about manage.

Hah! I wish.

Although, actually, I don’t. I imagine it would cost a fortune to heat, not to mention the upkeep and that’s before you even get to the cleaning…I think I’m far more suited to living in a small flat.

Anyway, as the headline says, this is the beautiful Blickling Hall, a place we love to visit.


The gardens are always a treat but they were especially so on our most recent trip during the Easter break.

I normally only do specific photo posts on a Sunday but I thought I’d share a few more today as it looked glorious, especially with the bluebells out (and it seems a shame to just leave them sat on my computer).





IMG_7898 2

I hope they brighten your day.


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