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Things To Do In Norfolk: St Mary’s Church Ruins, East Somerton.

St Marys

Some think of it as the witch’s finger while others know it as her wooden leg.

Whatever you believe (or don’t believe) about the oak tree growing within St Mary’s Church in East Somerton, there is no doubt the ruins are the perfect setting for all sorts of tales.

I’d heard of the crumbling church in the woods before but I was reminded of it recently by a story in one of the newspapers I used to write for. This time it captured my imagination and I knew I needed to visit.

Not that easy to spot from the road, even going really slowly.

Dating from the 15th century, it is thought the grade II perpendicular-style church was in use up until the last part of the 17th century, although latterly as a private chapel for the inhabitants of nearby Burnley Hall.

Only the roofless nave and tower remain but it’s easy to imagine how impressive it once was. Nature is very much reclaiming it now, in a rather beautiful way, with the oak tree at its heart.

According to one, rather gruesome, version, a witch with a wooden leg was caught near the church and buried alive underneath the nave. From her leg, the mighty tree grew, destroying the church as retribution for her death.


It’s said if you walk around the tree times, her spirit is released. I wish I hadn’t told Mark that because, not one to believe in “such rubbish”, he just had to give it a go. Rather him than me.


There are other spooky tales attributed to the site, and it’s clear from graffiti carved into the stone that many people have come across it over the years, but as I wandered about I felt nothing but peace.

Remains of the bell tower.

Surrounded by lush new spring growth, and with the sounds of gentle bird song (and the odd jackdaw) I’d go as far to say I felt serene. I certainly wasn’t in any hurry to leave.

Top tip: We were parked almost next to it and, despite its size, still didn’t spot it. Rather helpfully, there is a sign at the end of the road pointing you in the right direction.

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42 thoughts on “Things To Do In Norfolk: St Mary’s Church Ruins, East Somerton.”

    1. I know, it’s quite a gruesome tale. Sadly it might not be beyond the realms of possibility in those days. Hopefully just a good story and nothing more.


    1. What a lovely compliment. You’ve made my day, thank you. It’s strange because I’ve been reading about it and several people said it made them feel uneasy. Maybe it depends when you go? On a spring morning it was definitely pleasant.


  1. What a lovely place. Although the first photo made me think there should be hobbits about. 🙂

    Love the new layout. The site looks great.


  2. What an amazing spot. It looks like the perfect place for sparking a little imagination – those photos are just full of magic. I love the first one with the tree growing right in the middle of the church. I can imagine it would be quite spooky after dark but in the daytime it looks utterly beautiful 🙂


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