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My Sunday Photo – April 23, 2017.

IMG_7774 2

I’m going to admit this straight away, even though it’s a tad embarrassing; I had no idea we had lizards in this country.

When we spotted this beauty I thought it was a really big newt but, thanks to the friendly wildlife photographers at Strumpshaw Fen, I now know this is a common lizard – apparently the UK’s most widespread reptile.

This one was quite happy basking in the sunshine. What a beauty!



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42 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – April 23, 2017.”

  1. Hi Tara, what a fine looking specimen of a lizard. I do remember going on grass snake and lizard hunts as a child, but rarely ever came across them. Probably because they heard us coming long before we got to them.

    Fab photos.



    1. What a lovely memory. We had the buggy with us so I thought we’d be a dead giveaway but apparently they like the sun more than they worry about predators. Hehe.


  2. Well I’m impressed! I kinda vaguely knew you might get lizards in this country, but you hav taught me somehtinig this week Tara. And what a great example of wildlife photography! #MySunday;photo


  3. I love lizards but generally fail to capture them, even if they’re basking (I usually put my shadow across them)!) So, super shot of this little chap πŸ™‚


  4. Amazing close ups and so detailed too. Ummm I think I didn’t really know about lizards in the uk either. I think I would jump out of my skin if I saw one in the wild!


    1. So pleased it’s not just me. Maybe it was because I was in a room of wildlife photographers who all knew but I did feel quite embarrassed that I had no clue πŸ™‚


  5. It’s not at all embarrassing as neither BattleDad nor I knew the UK had lizards. He looks amazing. I would never have said the weather was amenable to them. Great pictures of that little guy (or gal). We are going to see lots of them in Portugal. Hope you’re well x #mysundayphoto


    1. Oh that’s good to know, thank you. Maybe it was just because I was in a room full of wildlife photographers who obviously knew all about them. Yes, they will become a familiar sight for you soon. So exciting. I hope your plans are all going well.

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    1. My mum always tells the story that when I was small she took me for a wee, while we were in the middle of no where, and we disturbed an adder. I’m lucky she didn’t drop me and run for it. Hehe.

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  6. He is a handsome fellow. We have lots of little lizards in Florida. On the trees, walls of houses, etc., they are everywhere. I have friends who are afraid of them but I like them. Yours is bigger and quite a good looking guy.


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