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My Sunday (Ok, Saturday) Photo – April 15th, 2017.

IMG_7834 3

Our third year of butterfly hunting has got off to a great start, with several new ones ticked off our list already.

Sadly, though, in general it seems these are worrying times for UK butterflies, which suffered their fourth worst year on record in 2016.

According to the charity Butterfly Conservation: “A mild winter followed by a cold spring contributed to conditions that saw both rare and widespread species struggle despite many parts of the UK enjoying a warm and dry summer.”

Some 40 of the 57 species studied recorded a decline compared with 2015.

Professor Tom Brereton, head of monitoring at Butterfly Conservation, said: “The results show that butterflies are failing to cope with our changing climate and how we manage the environment. As butterflies are regarded as good indicators of environmental health this is hugely concerning for both wildlife and people.”

Red admiral.
Speckled wood in our garden.
IMG_7815 4
Green veined white (I think).

We’ve visited some new places (Foxley Wood and Strumpshaw Fen) which has helped to up our personal butterfly count but it’s upsetting to imagine what will happen in the future. How many butterflies will Freya be able to spot when she’s an adult?

While it might seem like we as individuals can’t do much to help, we can, including planting to help encourage butterflies and moths. Even if you only have a balcony, like us, you can plant a pot for pollinators.

I’ve joined Darren’s brilliant #MySundayPhoto linky again this week (it’s opened early because of Easter Sunday). Please do check out what other people have posted, it’s always such an eclectic mix.


43 thoughts on “My Sunday (Ok, Saturday) Photo – April 15th, 2017.”

  1. Gorgeous photos! I love wildlife and you definitely don’t see as many butterflies as you used to. Funnily enough I did see quite a few this weekend in Wiltshire. I’m worried about the bees as there have definitely been fewer in our garden so far this year. I will follow your blog.
    Have fun this Easter weekend. #MySundayPhoto. I haven’t put up my Sunday photo yet but will do!


  2. Such great close-up photos, I never knew that butterflies were so fluffy! I must admit that there seems to be an abundance of butterflies here in rural Spain, but mostly cabbage whites and red admirals, have seen a couple of swallow tails but not as many as I’d like, so sad to think they are in decline.


  3. What beautiful photos of the butterflies but how sad that they are declining in number. Will have to make sure I add some more pollinators to my garden.


      1. I will try this 🙂 although still utterly failing to get four boys facing in the same direction and smiling at the same time for photos, I cheer when they all manage to keep in shot … 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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