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Easy Crafts For Children – Making A Jam Jar Vase.


As it’s just me and you here I’m going to make a small confession.

I have a bit of a thing…

For jam jars.

There I’ve said it. Once again I thank goodness we live in a flat because I think it’s an obsession that could quite easily get out of hand if we had more space – and, as it is, I probably have more than I would ever need. They seem so…useful. I find it nearly impossible to recycle them. Even though I’ve never made jam or pickled anything, and have no plans to do so, glass jam jars seem like a good thing to have to hand (just in case).

I use them to keep shells in, mainly (oh yeah, that’s another of my “things”), and to wash Freya’s paint brushes out. In fact, that’s what got me started on our latest “craft” activity.


We collected some stones from the beach last year and decided to paint them. I imagined beautiful seascapes but expected more like colourful rainbows. What actually happened was that Freya mixed all the acrylic paint together and they came out sort of…brown. That’s ok. She had fun, that’s the main thing, and we can paint over them again.

While I turned my back to get a cloth to mop up a little spillage, she decided to paint the jam jar we were using to wash out the brushes. I didn’t think much of it at first but as I cleaned up, and saw my growing collection of jars lined up on the window sill, an idea came to mind.

Vases. Painted vases. Let’s call them “rustic”.

Using some more acrylic paint I got Freya to paint two of the jars green (we did this on the living room floor, on an old cardboard box, so she couldn’t accidentally drop them and hurt herself if they broke). I got some more colours out and just let her go crazy on the third one (which turned out, you’ve guessed it, brown). I then added some finishing touches (albeit with my rather limited skills, not to mention limited paint, as we’d run out of white) and I quite like how they have turned out, even if I do say so myself.

I modelled the decoration on (a much simplified version of) painted narrow boats, which we looked up and learned about on the iPad.

Originally I thought they might make a nice handmade Mother’s Day gift but I’m not sure they are quite good enough for that (and I think the paint might wash/chip off after a while) so I’m keeping them all for myself! They make a rather happy addition to the window sill (and they are a great excuse to buy flowers).

Do you have a use for jam jars that doesn’t include jam?



18 thoughts on “Easy Crafts For Children – Making A Jam Jar Vase.”

  1. These are lovely! I often made ‘Elmer’ candle holders with jam jars which is another fun activity for little ones. Tear up tissue paper and stick the pieces on the jars with wallpaper glue. They look lovely with a tealight in them (there’s a picture on my Elmer blogpost).



  2. There are lovely rustic vases, Tara. You did do well. They remind me a little of the English Canal boats Folk art flowers! Do you know them? I had a post of dry brush a second colour on the petals of the flowers, you and or Freya when she is older, might like to try. There is a pattern there too, if you are really extra keen! You really are such a great Mum to be spending time doing all these crafts with Freya. Lucky Freya! I bet you both had fun, even if painting gets a bit messy. And if I was Grandma, I would be delighted with the gift from Freya!


    1. We actually looked the canal boats up on the iPad and I had a go at painting them, although it was quite difficult with Freya’s brushes 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

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    1. No, it’s the strangest thing. When I click on (on Mac and iPad) it it takes me into WordPress and an old post about being an honorary aunt. Isn’t that odd?


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