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My Sunday Photo – March 5th, 2017.

Peace by G E Wade.

I’ve always been fascinated by Norwich’s Boer War Memorial. She’s sited at a busy road junction in the city centre so I’m sure loads of people drive by and wonder about her each day. I finally got a good look at her this week from the top deck of a bus – although it wasn’t great for taking photos.

I’ve added a bit of drama to this one as the original was pretty poor. I like the way it looks like her bronze wings are glowing. Luckily the clouds were amazing that day so she already had a great backdrop. I hope to go back and get some better photos.

Please check out what other people have submitted for #MySundayPhoto this week by clicking the camera below.


30 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – March 5th, 2017.”

  1. She is certainly a stunning statue and I like the bit of colour you’ve added to her to bring her to life.


  2. Love her wings. I’m trying to think where she is ……. bottom of Castle Meadow and top of Agricultural Plain? If so I went past her on the bus to school every day without paying her proper attention! #MySundayPhoto


    1. Yes, that’s the one. How funny. I think because of where she is a lot of people just drive by without really noticing her. It’s such a busy junction.


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