The hum of a small plane engine overhead followed by lots of brightly coloured parachutes slowly floating to the ground were a regular feature of my childhood – and I was often inspired to leap off a garden chair with a sheet tied to me in an attempt to fly.

Ipswich Airport has since closed (the last plane left in 1998) and the site has been developed for housing. I still find it strange thinking that planes used to take off and land where so many people now live. The area has been designed with the environment in mind so there are bike/pedestrian paths, a bus link to the town centre and several green spaces. I have no idea what it’s like to live there but it feels very different to the surrounding estates where I grew up (and where Freya and I returned at the start of the week).

Another nice thing about Ravenswood is the number of public “art” pieces dotted around the site. The one above is called Green Wind. It’s by Diane Maclean, a sculptor and environmental artist. The wings are made of stainless steel and stand between 7 and 10 metres tall (up to 32ft).

I was quite a way from the sculpture but a child running caught my attention. I initially thought I’d missed the shot because by the time I had my camera out s/he was gone but then they ran back (yay!). It’s not a great quality photo (the light was awful) but something about it appeals to me – probably the nostalgia element as at one point it looked like the child was pretending to fly.


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