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Friday 500 (And General Writing) Update.


“Are you writing a book blog now?” Mark asked.

I think he occasionally checks in just to make sure I’m not writing posts listing his faults. As he brought home a massive slab of chocolate cake and a hot chocolate for me recently,  I’d say he’s pretty safe at the mo.

How good does this look?

To answer his question, I’m not writing a book blog, even though it might seem like it (not that there is anything wrong with blogs about books, many of which I follow).

I’ve just been busy (reading lots of books, obviously, hehe). Also Freya has been sleeping even less than usual for the last week or so due to a flare up of her old tummy problems (poor little bean) so my brain is a bit…fuzzy.

Then there’s the world, which seems to be in a bit of a free-fall at the moment. I’ve got things to say about it but. Brain. Fuzzy. I don’t think I would do it justice right now.

While I haven’t blogged, I have been writing for the Friday 500. Kate and I had a break over Christmas but started again once the children went back to school/nursery. I was working on chapter four before the festive season but I then changed direction and felt like I needed to go back and get chapter one, my foundation, on firmer ground. Kate read it last week and put forward some great suggestions, as usual, and I feel like, even though it still needs a fair bit of work, it’s sturdy enough to hold the rest of the story.

So onwards to rewrite chapter two where I’m now switching characters and need to find a male voice, which I haven’t done before. It’s a bit daunting, to be honest. I feel like I know him fairly well and can imagine how he speaks but wonder if he will sound like a man? What does a man sound like? Am I stereotyping? Or being sexist? Is my fuzzy brain overthinking it? I think I’m worried it will sound like a really awful audio book where the female narrator does the male voices by going a bit deeper than usual – only I can’t even go a bit deeper because no one can hear me.

Hopefully Freya will start to feel better soon and there will be more frequent blog posts that don’t just involve books (although I have read some FANTASTIC books recently – lots of five star ratings and I’m REALLY stingy with my stars – and I can’t wait to share them with you).

Any tips on switching voices? Do I just need to stop thinking about it and write?



16 thoughts on “Friday 500 (And General Writing) Update.”

      1. I was worried about that too so I’ve gone old school and actually used pen and paper to write a few and put on my work board 🙂


  1. Good post Tara! I reckon men aren’t so different once you get writing, tho funnily enough I’ve had the same thoughts about whether I cheers could write from a female perspective. Good luck with the challenge!


    1. Thanks, Shaun. I’ve been thinking about it in terms of what I’ve been reading lately and I think you’re right. They are not all that different but I still read them as male/female. Hope all is well with you.


  2. Oh my word, how nice does that cake look! I can’t imagine writing from a male perspective, all of my attempts are from a female perspective. Though I am currently reading On Writing by Stephen King and in it he discusses how difficult he found it to write Carrie and all that goes with being a teenage girl etc as it was unfamiliar territory for him.I would personally just go for it, and then leave it a while and go back to it. I really like the way Deb Harkness writes, (in her All Souls Trilogy she occasionally writes from the male perspective and I love how she does it) I wish I had the time to write more (none bloggy stuff), and to read more too.


    1. Thanks, Jenni. It’s heartening to know that even Stephen King had to think about it 🙂 You’re welcome to join the Friday 500, if you think a deadline might help.


  3. The cake looks so delicious! Try just writing with less thinking about it. I find I write better when I don’t overthink my post. Just a suggestion. I hope Freya feels better soon! Have a great week!😁


  4. *wipes drool*
    One thing that always stays with me is, to be a writer you must also be a reader. A sentiment I very much agree with.
    The best comment I’ve ever had from Freya’s teacher is in praise of her writing, they could just tell what a well rounded reader she is from the stories she writes. 😊
    She has a passion for reading and writing to the point I’ve finally relented and allowed her to start a blog. 😳
    What I’m trying to say in my long winded way is hurrah for reading.


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