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My Sunday Photo – January 15th, 2017.


This is the moment Freya discovered snow is wet and cold – and she was not very happy about it.

“Can you make me a snowball so I can throw it at you, please?” She asked.

“You could make one yourself.”

“No, it’s too cold.”

Umm, ok.

As it’s a rare occurrence I had to pick snow for this week’s My Sunday Photo – even though my photos aren’t anything to shout about.

It snowed on and off on Friday morning and towards lunchtime there was enough for us (well me, as she still refused to touch it) to make a (very small) snowman.


Mostly she preferred to watch (and take photos) from the window.



Have you had any snow? Are you a fan? I’m more of a beach person.

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29 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – January 15th, 2017.”

  1. I took a very similar similar photo to your top one! Helen and I built a small snowman in the garden, the remnants of which are still there. Love the focus of the second picture too. Good luck in the blog awards, will vote when I get a mo. #MySundayphoto


  2. Bless her! What lovely photos. We had the lightest dusting of snow – definitely not enough for a snowman, or even a snowball!


  3. Brilliant. We had the snow here on Thursday evening and my mother was due to return to Norfolk on Friday. She went and insisted getting the bus home (change in the City and a long walk down an unlit country road at the end), she made it home safely.


  4. Hi Tara, that is funny. It sounds as if your budding photographer is a bit of a diva! Fancy getting Mum to make the snowballs. Your snowman is on a par with the ones that were doing the rounds here, on the bonnet of cars (don’t ask). I would enjoy snow if it were the proper sort and not wet slush, so I would have to say I’m more a beach person. In winter of course.



  5. I remember when my daughter discovered snow for the first time and really wasn’t sure about it! Your snowman is so cute (and small!) but you had a decent amount to make a snowman. That is enough to make my children jealous as we had virtually no snow!


    1. It was all gone again by the afternoon. Very strange. I’m sad I made the snowman close to the window though as she’s been asking: “Where’s his face gone?” As he melts!


  6. I just had to share this because your daughter asking you to make a snow ball to then be thrown at you was too hilarious to keep to myself. This really has made my day. Oh and I’m with Freya on this one, snow is best enjoyed from the comfort of the living room #MMBC x


  7. Aww bless her. Glad you managed to build a snowman even if Freya wasn’t keen that snow was wet and cold. We hardly had any so I’m quite jealous of yours!


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