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My Sunday Photo – Week 50.

Still plenty of leafy colour about.

Weather-wise it’s been a really odd week here in Norwich. We had frost on Monday, thick fog on Tuesday and then 12C (according to our car) on Wednesday which made for a lovely afternoon in the park.  We almost didn’t need our coats (in December!).

After making sandcastles we had a game of hide and seek. I thought I’d found a good hiding place but she eventually spotted me.



I hope you’ve had a fun week too.



30 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 50.”

  1. Such sweet shots. Glad you had a day warm enough for the park! We have had nothing but freezing fog all week, has made for some spectacular hoar frosts though! 🙂 #sundayphoto


  2. Those eyes! She is such a beautiful girl.
    We had three or four consecutive days of temperatures up to about 15 degrees. I love weather like that!


  3. Love that first photo with her eyes and gorgeous smile. We’ve had a bonkers weather week too and had everything from warm weather to fog to heavy rain. I’m hoping we get snow after school breaks up 🙂


  4. Aw, what a little cutie and so photogenic. The weather really has been crazy lately, but at least you got a nice afternoon in the park and some fabulous shots of your little girl #MMBC x


  5. Hi Tara, it sounds like you’ve been having the typically English weather that I don’t miss! Here it’s been cold and clear, I am expecting the car to be well and truly iced this morning!

    Freya looks a proper cutie and her wellies would look good in my kitchen!



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