A few months ago I bought a pack of felt with the grand notion that I would make Freya a weather board.

My idea was that each morning we would look out of the window (ideally after the sun had come up) and she could decide whether it was sunny, rainy, snowy (or more like frosty) and windy etc and then go to a lovingly crafted chart where she could stick the right, beautifully sewed, symbol on.

Yeah, never happened.

Every time I opened that bloomin’ craft box the pack of felt glared at me so I got on Pinterest and decided this version of a Christmas garland from It’s Always Autumn looked fun (and relatively easy).

We set to work with Freya making use of her new scissor skills.




And eventually came up with this:


About 30 seconds after I snapped the photo everything fell off and I had to velcro it all back on. Despite that I think it makes a nice colourful addition to the photo wall (although maybe calling our version a garland is pushing things a bit far?).

Talking about crafts, how do you feel about handmade gifts for teachers? The mum of one of Freya’s friends is making all the teachers something but I think with my…er…skills…it might be best to buy something? Is this an occasion where it isn’t the thought that counts?