My Sunday Photo – Week 48.

We had a fun morning at Norwich Castle yesterday including a look around the Olive Edis Photography Exhibition, entitled Fishermen and Kings, which runs until January 22.

As well as her amazing photos, there are some great interactive bits, such as dressing up for a selfie and also a mock-up of a darkroom, which goes through the process of developing negatives.

I wasn’t sure how much Freya would understand but having it all there, with her able to touch and play, really helped.

When I first started work on a newspaper we were still developing negatives for photos (although no longer in a darkroom). I wonder what Freya will be taking photos on by the time she starts work?

While we were waiting for the museum and gallery to open, Freya had a run about on the small playground nearby with Mark and I snapped these.

The castle makes a lovely backdrop for these autumn colours.
Norwich Cathedral.

To see what other people have been taking photos of for this week’s My Sunday Photo please click on the camera.

Wishing you a great week.


27 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 48.”

  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the sun shining through the leaves.
    It really isn’t that long since photos were developed from negatives, but I just can’t imagine it happening now!


  2. Hi Tara, I would love to see the process of developing photos from film. Were the photos of better quality when done like that, I wonder? Love your third photo down, a very pretty capture of the sun through the leaves.



    1. It’s an interesting point. Mark and I were talking about her photos too. Because we can take so many now I think we lose some of the imperfections which make a portrait more than just a picture.


  3. It is amazing to think how photography has developed (see what I did there ha!) over such a short a time, it does not seem so long ago that we used to collect photographs from the chemist. Lovely pictures Tara, the one of sun is brilliant xx


  4. Such wonderful photos. The leaves and the castle is just fab. I am trying hard not to be jealous of the blue skies, it feels like we have had nothing but clouds for ages! I really like the sound of the Exhibition I bet it was really interesting.


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