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Book Review: Mistletoe on 34th Street.

cover97209-mediumSnorting with laughter might not the most attractive quality in a person but it is, in my opinion, the sign that you’re reading a great book – and Mistletoe On 34th Street, by Lisa Dickenson, is a fabulous book.

Written in the first person, it felt like my witty, adored, best-friend, Olivia, was retelling her festive tale directly to me – warts (hence the snorting) and all.

When I wasn’t laughing or shedding a tear or two, I had a big smile on my face; it’s such a feel good book.

The story follows Olivia to New York where she’s leading a small team hoping to make a big impression at an important conference just before Christmas.

Coming from a family who always “chose winter sun over decking the halls”, Olivia is not exactly fussed about the festive season – and is planning to slump in front of the TV back at her London flat, alone (and happy about it).

When she and her colleagues find themselves stranded in the Big Apple, along with her charming friend Jon, she allows him to show her exactly what she’s missing by not getting into the Christmas spirit – and that includes him.

Throw in a handsome New Yorker by the name of Elijah and, as Christmas Day approaches, Olivia finds herself with a choice on her hands – just who should she kiss under the mistletoe?

The book moves along at a cracking pace, making it very hard to put down.

The motley crew of characters are wonderfully written and almost as vibrant as the New York she depicts.

I was buzzing so much after I finished that I couldn’t resist wearing my “I heart NY” t-shirt (a gift from my brother) that day.

It’s a perfect read whatever the time of year. Plus, how could you not love a book that includes a dedication to the TV series Friends at the beginning?

Format: Kindle (out today!).

Price: £2.99 (on Amazon).

My rating: 4.5 stars.

With thanks to the Little, Brown Books Group who provided the ARC Kindle edition, via NetGalley, in return for an honest review.


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