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My Sunday Photo – Week 42.


I’ve mentioned before how I am often followed by magpies (or, at least, that’s how it feels) and I thought this fellow sitting happily watching us on the gate was my “one for sorrow” for the day until I noticed his colouring.

Is it a crow? I wondered. But he looked a bit different. Maybe a Jacksaw? Rook? Raven? Instead of guessing I got the trusty bird guide out and I think he might be a carrion crow, although stand to be corrected.

While we are on the subject of birds. In contrast to the all black, this little one is called a superb starling (I’d have to agree with that).  It caught my eye when we visited Africa Alive and seemed very inquisitive.


And to round off this birds post, I thought I’d show you what I mean about being followed by magpies. There is usually one or, if I’m lucky, two about (and not just at home but other places too) but one day we looked out of our living room window to see ALL the magpies (or 10 plus anyway). They were making a terrible racket too.

Wishing you a fab week.

34 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 42.”

  1. Wow, the colours on the superb starling are so vivid! I thought we had a lot of magpies round our house, but we only have about four! They’ve recently taken to digging our lawn up, which is really flipping annoying!


  2. Hi Tara, I am no expert either, so you could be right. I remember seeing a starling very similar to the one in your photo in one of the bird houses at Paignton zoo. The blue inkiness of the darker feathers and the striking colour of the eyes made it a stunning looking bird.

    We used to get a murder or charm (love both those words) of magpies collecting in the old elm trees where I grew up. I was under the impression that they weren’t so common now or are you just lucky?



    1. I guess it depends how you look at it. At first I was quite disturbed by them, especially if there was only one and I was on the way to do something but now I just expect them to be there. Sometimes they are in the park when I run and they inspire me to keep going 🙂


  3. I love crows, and I’d call that a crow, though I might be wrong. I think I would like one as a familiar. From my father, I’ve picked up the habit of greeting single magpies with “hello sir” (though I don’t know how they take this if they’re female) to ward off sorrow. Very lovely, skilled photos.


      1. Here in the states, people aren’t so superstitious about magpies. However, I live in Montana where a lot of beef is raised and magpies are generally despised because they are carrion and can do a lot of damage to young or injured cattle. I’m contrary and like them anyway.


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