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My Sunday Photo – Week 40.


Don’t you look at this photo and think “what that child needs is a bit more pink in her life”?

Ah well, whatever makes her happy.

img_8007Speaking of happy, on Friday I was lucky enough to have a preview of a wonderful new exhibition which highlights the work of the relatively unknown British photographer Olive Edis (1876-1955).

She was, among many other things, the first accredited female war photographer from this country.

I’ve been excited about it since it was announced but actually seeing it had a profound impact.

 It wasn’t just that she was able to take such powerful shots, including portraits of everyone from local fishermen to royalty (especially given the equipment she had), but the boundaries she pushed (and broke through) to be able to become a professional photographer in those days. I found it really inspiring. I’ve blogged more about her, if you’re interested.

Fishermen and Kings is on at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery from now until January 22.

Wishing you a fabulous week.


29 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 40.”

  1. Such a lovely, happy photo. And I love all her pink! Embrace it while it lasts, she’ll have gone off it by the time she’s 7!
    That’s fascinating about Olive Edis. She really does sound like a pioneering woman to have been doing a job like that so many years ago.


    1. I quite like pink (in that I have one sweater that colour) but she wants to wear it head to toe. Sounds like I should encourage it while it lasts though 🙂 Thanks, Sarah.


  2. Really do want to see that exhibition. I’ve been in Norwich a bit this week and everywhere I went there were noticeboards full of interesting things happening. I need to spend more time there. And pink is a good strong colour. Freya looks like a person who knows what the important things in life are.


  3. Hehe what a fab shot! I think there might be room for a tiny bit more pink! And on that note I think Boo would be insanely jealous of the umbrella, and the wellies! She keeps asking for am umbrella, but after I saw her brandishing her wand like a sword I think we best wait a bit!


    1. Hah! Don’t encourage her. It’s all she would wear if she had her way. I was very worried about Freya going on the attack with her brolly but so far all she’s done is use it as a walking stick.


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