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My Sunday Photo – Week 39.


“Have you ever seen a black seagull before?” Mark asked, casually.

The three of us were sat on a wall overlooking the beach at Cromer.

“No, I don’t think so,” I responded. “Are you sure it wasn’t a crow?”

“No, it’s bigger than a crow. Look.”

He pointed down to the beach and there it was. I was so excited that, even though we had just puffed our way up a million steps, I was off at a jog back down to get a closer look.

My handy bird field guide identified it as a cormorant. My first one.


We went to Cromer during our mini-break where we were glamping in the woods about five miles away. I’ve written a post about our adventure for later this week, if you’re interested. It was such fun.

Wishing you a great week.


31 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 39.”

  1. Fab photo! I always think cormorants look like pterodactyls from the way they hang their wings. I’ve often seen them in the distance on holiday, but never photographed one.


  2. Hi Tara, cormorants used to be a common sight where I grew up. They would collect on the and around the pylons and trees near the river Exe. The way they stand there warming themselves in the sun’s rays used to fascinate me. Lovely photos, I’m sure I can see it twerking!



    1. I bet that was something to see! I couldn’t work out what it was doing at first. It really did look comical. Luckily my book filled me in on them drying their wings in the sun 🙂


  3. I always thought cormorants were coastal birds but I saw one just down the road last week and I’m about thirty miles from the sea. Lovely shot.


  4. Oh wow fancy spotting a cormorant! I think our beloved liver bird is based on the cormorant. Great pictures Tara xx


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