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Nursery Diaries – Week Three, Term One.


That’s it! Week three and I think I’m going to have to stop sending her – we simply haven’t got enough wall space for all the “art” she’s bringing home.

One day there were FIVE splodges of paint on paper beautiful paintings plus two pieces of paper where she had snipped the edges with her new skill of using ACTUAL scissors.

This is the first one she ever brought home.

One for the memory box.

Naturally I think it is amazing and shows she is a gifted pencil artist but I’m wondering… does it warrant being put up on the wall? #toughcall

I knew she would bring things home, I was excited by it. As such I had already designated areas for it (some on the fridge/some on the side of the bookcase). I seriously underestimated just how much stuff there would be though. Even if I gave up every wall in our flat, by next week we would have run out of space.

Those sticks are Velcro-ed on!

I’m thinking maybe I can rotate it or put some in a folder? Maybe send some to grandparents (they will love it, right?) Is there etiquette for this sort of thing? (I accidentally wrote a shopping list on the back of one recently. Oh, the guilt!)

Week three actually went ok. No crying on either day, even though she said she didn’t want to go. I had to go into her classroom and fill in another form on Tuesday and it was great to see her run off and get on with playing with things. She wasn’t a bit bothered I was there and so I left without interrupting her.

She still tells me she cried because she missed me and that she just sat in the classroom on her own. Little things will creep out over the week though, such as a new song she has learned or the fact that it was someone’s birthday and they sang to her, so I know she’s doing ok.

Mark and I have a surprise adventure for her after nursery tomorrow as a treat for doing so well, which I hope she will enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Nursery Diaries – Week Three, Term One.”

  1. How about a ‘best piece’ gallery? We’ve done similar at school in the past – actually ask Freya to choose her favourite out of what she’s brought home (to display for a week etc then swap) and keep the rest in a folder (to file in the B1N file if necessary 😉). Granted, I’ve done it with older children but it helps them take pride in their work and be quite discerning, plus stops them wanting to put everything up. I had a very ‘artistic’ class one year and had to take action!


    1. That’s a fab idea, thank you. Yesterday she brought home five pictures and a folded paper plate, which may or may not be a chicken. I think getting her to pick is going to be a good idea 🙂

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  2. Lots of lovely pictures there, I do worry that we run out of space too, but Boo tends to take her’s down from the fridge and hide them! I have nightmares about scissors and yet she keeps bringing home bits that she has cut out herself. I am glad I am not there for those bits! I hope next week is a great week for you both!


  3. I must confess to scooping ours in the recycling quite regularly, obviously not the best pieces – my heart is not completely made of stone. 😉
    How wonderful she’s churning out so much fabulous art though, a good indication that she’s settling in nicely. 😊


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