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My Sunday Photo – Week 38.


I’ve fallen in love.

With a lemur.

This lemur to be exact.


We paid a visit to Africa Alive in neighbouring Suffolk on Thursday and, while the rest of his friends were huddled together in the trees tops, this chilled-out dude was more than happy to pose for photos – and actually followed me around the encounter enclosure.

I was obviously more than happy to oblige.

Just catching a few rays….


Even though we were at a zoo full of exotic animals, some old favourites caught my attention (Mark rolled his eyes at me).


Wishing you a great week.


24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 38.”

  1. I didn’t think people from Norfolk were allowed to venture into Suffolk? Anyway, loving the images. The insect images were the ones that caught my eye over the lemur shots (sorry!). Amazing detail and colours.

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