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The Nursery Diaries – Week Two, Term One.


If I ask Freya to smile now, this is the face I get.

“Who taught you how to pout?” I asked.

“School,” she said.


It’s only week two and already I can see, or rather hear, changes in her.

“That’s int-rest-ing, mummy,” she will say if I point something out.

Then there’s her new favourite word, “actually”. As in “actually, mummy” or ” pink is, actually, my favourite colour”.

We were on our way to the splash park as it was a glorious day on Wednesday last week and she said: “I mustn’t drink the water otherwise I will get gerbils in my tummy.”


“Yes, they will run around in my tummy and make me sick.”

After I had stopped chuckling I said: “Do you mean germs?”

“Actually, mummy, yes, I mean germs.”

It still feels a bit like we have both started new jobs and while I know in a month it will all be ok and it will probably seem like we’ve been doing it forever, there is still some anxiety there at the moment, which is natural and normal.

Week two began with her not wanting to go, which filled me with dread, but there was no crying in class either day so that’s progress. We still had mega meltdowns as soon as she got home though.

After advice from Clare last week I decided to make her an activity chart so that she knows the main thing she will be doing that day. With help from my friend Pinterest this is what I came up with.


It tested my *cough* artistic skills somewhat but thankfully she was able to identify what they all were.


I’ve made a selection of cards that I keep in a box next to the chart. The way we do it, so far, is to open the following day the night before so that she already has in her head what she will be up to. I then reinforce it with a look at the chart in the morning. She seems to like it. It doesn’t work as well at weekends when our plans are a bit more fluid.

Today while she is at nursery I had a plan to actually leave the house and meet a friend for coffee but she was upset yesterday and I just felt like I needed to be close (plus my friend has a nasty cold so I don’t feel too awful about cancelling). Maybe I’ll go out next week. Possibly.

Are you a fan of charts? We tried one for potty training but it didn’t work out very well – and we soon all got bored of it.


Little Hearts, Big Love

13 thoughts on “The Nursery Diaries – Week Two, Term One.”

  1. Aww, gerbils… that’s pretty funny 🙂 my little one has been a lot more pouty and lippy after she started nursery, I suppose it is a ways for them to start asserting their independence. Really cute picture though, even if she is pouting 🙂 #ftmob


  2. I love that chart – what a great way of helping Freya understand the main activity for each day. I love her concern about getting “gerbils” in her tummy. Jessica has started using “actually” too which makes me chuckle – it sounds so funny to hear her use it. We’ve also had more reluctance to go to school this week – I think it is mostly tiredness at the moment and getting used to it – hopefully it is just a phase. Fingers crossed Freya gets used to it all soon as well. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂


  3. Oh I love the idea of that activity chart! I think I will have to have a go at making one for Boo. She is always asking what we are doing (and asking if we can go back to CBeebies land! haha) I love the photo of Freya – such an adorable picture.


  4. I like the idea of that chart! Plus this series is great Tara. I may do one similar to this when Alex starts nursery. A great way to document the start of their schooling journey x


  5. Oh my goodness. She actually is turning into Lola from Charlie and Lola which is absolutely my favourite and my best. (Please tell me you’ve see it?!)


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