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My Sunday Photo – Week 36.


 We have survived the first week of nursery relatively intact – and neither of us cried at drop-off so I’m calling it a success.

 I wanted to stay close to home this week, just in case, so I haven’t taken many photos – apart from this one of the beautiful wherry, Hathor (pronounced Heart-or), which was moored outside Pull’s Ferry in the heart of Norwich.

I spotted it as I was driving to the train station to pick up my parents and couldn’t resist pulling in to take a photo. The light was really bright and from where I was standing I couldn’t see much of Pull’s Ferry so when Mark got home from work the three of us (and my big camera) went back for another look.

 She’s open this weekend as part of the Heritage Open Days and I am hoping to go and have a look onboard today*.


Update: We visited! I thought I’d include a couple more pics. It even has a piano, how exciting is that?


Wishing you a great week.



26 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 36.”

  1. my first impression was a barge, then I saw the sails! I’ve not seen anything like it before but it truly is beautiful. I’d be most excited if I saw one on the canal next to our home. I hope you take lots of photos of the inside, I’m really curious now.


    1. Thank you. Do you know, I’m not sure. She does a year of nursery and then goes into reception before year 1 so it is pre-school, I guess (although it’s all at the same place, which is a school). Confusing 🙂

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  2. It’s a beauty, that is for sure and great pictures. I am glad it was a good first week, I bet Freya charmed them all. We have made the most of the Heritage Weekend too – it is fab! X


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