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My Sunday Photo – Week 35.


This (iPhone) photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when we had lunch at No 1 in Cromer. It’s such an amazing view but I thought it was particularly fitting this week with her starting nursery tomorrow – and a big new world in front of her.

Please check out what other people have been snapping by clicking on the camera below.

Wishing you a fabulous week.


25 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 35.”

  1. Prisma is a filter, right? Regardless, love the images and the concept behind them. Oddly, you find the blog post I publish tomorrow of interest. Good luck at nursery Freya. #MySundayPhoto


  2. Hi Tara, that’s a lovely photo. I love the brightness of the window against the more subdued colours of indoors. Hope Freya has a wonderful time tomorrow and that it’s not too stressful for you… Coffee and cake with a friend, maybe?



    1. Thank you! I think I have to stay with her for a bit and then they ask if you will stay close. Apparently I get to come back if she’s too upset, which she hopefully won’t be.


  3. Oh this is an absolutely gorgeous photo, and prompting a memory to treasure for ever. Exciting times, good luck! #MySundayPhoto


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