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Farewell To A Summer Of Fun And New Experiences.


For some reason, even though she probably won’t remember, it felt really important to make this summer count for Freya – I guess because it’s our last one in our own little bubble where we can largely go where we want, when we want without too many cares.

With the real world of nursery/school and hopefully more structured work (for me, not her) fast approaching, I wanted us to enjoy the freedom which seemed to have crept up on us in the last year. With her intolerances/reflux getting a bit better, it has been the first summer we were not as tied to home/routine – for which I am very thankful for.

A selection I had on my phone.

I didn’t create a bucket list (I think that’s something I will try and do with her when she’s older and can have some input) but I knew I wanted her to experience lots of different things – ideally which were cheap or free (see above statement about work situation) and not too far away.


We have cooked, crafted, splashed in puddles and run in streams. She has ridden a donkey and sailed in a boat (both firsts). We have been on bug hunts, held sand castle competitions and grown butterflies to name just a few. Probably best of all, considering she asks to do it again most nights, was skipping bedtime for the first time to go to the beach at sunset.

If Freya is anything to go by two/three year olds have a rather unique approach to new experiences. She either throws herself in wholeheartedly or takes an instant dislike  – often for, frankly, ridiculous reasons. For example, she didn’t like the splash park because there was “too much water”. Never knowing quite which way the pendulum will swing has been part of the fun.

I am sad, for all sorts of reasons, that September has arrived but I can look back on this summer and say it’s been our best one as a family of three so far – and hopefully this is just the start of our adventures.

What’s the best thing you’ve done this summer? With or without children.


8 thoughts on “Farewell To A Summer Of Fun And New Experiences.”

  1. Hi Tara, I remember reading your post on the boat ride and where you grew your own butterfly and I can’t believe that was way back at the beginning of summer! Scary! The routine of school has it’s pros and cons as you are already sensing, but there are always weekends!… Okay maybe not quite the same.

    The best thing of the summer for me was managing to get some photos of baby loggerhead turtles making their bid for the sea and freedom. It is amazing to witness and the fact that I had headed down the beach early one morning armed with my camera, made it even more special. I do plan to write the post very soon.

    I hope Freya enjoys nursery and that you enjoy having that you/ work time.



    1. Aww I can’t wait to see your pics of the turtles. I bet it really was special. Thank you for your good wishes for Freya. I’ll let you know how she (we) get on 🙂


  2. A lovely collection of photographic memories to look back on. Yes it’s sad summer is nearly over – ha and it had only just begun here too. I think the best thing we’ve done this summer is made the effort to get out on our bikes to local places we haven’t been before whenever we’ve had a sunny day. It’s amazing what you can find on your own doorstep.


    1. Oh no! The ridiculous thing is she LOVES water (and other splash parks). Fickle little thing. Do you think he will change his mind about the weekend?


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