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My Sunday Photo – Week 33.


Rain showers? Check.

Unseasonably high winds? Check.

Given the forecast yesterday you might think the best idea would have been to hide away indoors.

Not us.

My inlaws were visiting so we decided to head back to Pensthorpe Natural Park for some outdoor fun (minus the hour or so Freya enjoyed in the fabulous indoor play area).

Thankfully, although it was a bit breezy, the rain held off for the duration of our visit.

IMG_7030 (1)Although there were not many butterflies (my first love), there was still plenty to see.

I was quite pleased with these shots . Apart from cropping, they are as I took them. I love his little face, if it is actually a face. As I was snapping, about two feet away from him, I could see him turning his head this way and that, almost like he was interested in what I was doing.

Here are a few more (I’ve posted some on Instagram too).

 Wishing you a lovely week.

30 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 33.”

    1. Thank you. No, I had the big guns out for this one (until my battery ran out. Doh!). You need to have the macro lens practically touching what you’re photographing to get it in focus so it would be no good for dragonflies, I think.

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  1. I love the picture of the flowers top right corner, they look very unusual. The duck is cute too, certainly the weather for ducks.


  2. It definitely looks like it’s looking at you quizzically, thinking “what are you doing?”
    I really want to go to Pensthorpe, my Nana lives is Fakenham, but we keep on only visiting Norfolk for the day so never get to go


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