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My Sunday Photo – Week 32.


We ditched the bedtime routine last night (for the first time ever) and went to Cromer for a sunset adventure – and it was well worth it.

Credit to Mark for this one πŸ™‚

Freya couldn’t quite work out what was going on but had a lot of fun.

Her later night didn’t mean she stayed in bed any longer this morning Β (hello, 4.45am) so we are all a bit bleary-eyed today. Hopefully we created some fun memories for her though.

I brought a change of clothes with us (two, actually, just in case) πŸ™‚
I hope you’ve had a brilliant week.

55 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 32.”

  1. Hi Tara, those photos were well worth foregoing Freya’s bedtime, they are stunning! We keep meaning to get around to the other side of the island to photograph the sunset, but never quite manage it. Your photos may well be the motivation we need to go there.



  2. They’re all so gorgeous. I thought our sunset looked good last night but nothing like that (or at least I wasn’t able to capture it anywhere near as well!).


  3. You can beat a beautiful sunset on the beach, your photos are wonderful. I’m glad Freya enjoyed her late night stroll.


  4. Beautiful photo’s. Beautiful Sun! Good that you took the chance to go out and find it. Little ones always feel very excited to stay up past their bed time.


  5. What beautiful photos! Must have been such a magical stroll by the sea. Can’t resist a sunset shot, and yours are fabulous.


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