My brother has always loved gadgets – and luckily he sends a few my way too.

IMG_6284This week brought some happy post in the form of an Acesori Lenskit for smartphones, which features three interchangeable lenses (a fish eye, wide angle and a macro) and was under $10.

I’ve only had chance to try the macros lens, which magnetically attaches to the phone (in my case an iPhone) as this picture shows. While I’ve taken zoomed in photos before this style is completely new so I really need to look into how to do it properly. I’ve had a lot of fun trying it out and I haven’t tinkered with any of the photos.

My first impressions are you need a very steady hand, good light and should remember that it’s still a phone (especially if your first love is a DSLR).

I’ve long been a fan of the iPhone camera and I think this will only enhance the pleasure I get from taking photos with mine. I’ll do a full review once I’ve played with the other lenses, if people are interested.