IMG_5115My lovely in-laws paid us a visit yesterday so we spent the day at the beach.

While they enjoyed spending time with Freya, I bonded with my camera – having more fun with the terns, a very inquisitive seal, a possible marsh harrier and some blobs (see below).

When we arrived I could just about make out a big block of white on the horizon and assumed it was a huge container ship. Mark joked that it looked like a galleon in full sail and, as it got closer, it became clear that it was indeed something special. Just imagine beingย among the crew.


However, if I had to sum up the day I’d say it was all about the “nearly shots” where I was just a bit too far away or it was a little bit blurry. Still, all good fun and a brilliant way to de-stress.

Just think if this was in focus!
This is apparently a sea gooseberry (and not a jelly fish as we first thought).

PS If you are a more regular reader wondering whether I have given up normal blogging, I haven’t, I’ve just been busy with freelancing and also creative writing (yay to both). I will be back.

Have a lovely week.