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My Sunday Photo – Week 25.


An early morning trip to the beach while we were on holiday resulted in a fun 30 minutes watching these birds (maybe terns?) diving for fish. They were incredibly fast (and seemed to just drop head first into the sea) and really hard to photograph in focus but fascinating to watch all the same.

As you can see, they seemed to be quite successful.

IMG_4055 (1)

This fellow was also about but, again, not very keen on having his photo taken.


We also had some geese fly over in formation, which was quite a sight.


All a bit grey this week but hopefully back next Sunday with some colour.



22 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 25.”

    1. Thank you. They are amazing to watch. They seem to spot the fish from so far up and then just dive straight down. It’s a wonder they can come up again.


  1. Lovely photos well done, I can never capture a bird in flight. Sometimes you don’t need lots of colour to make a beautiful photo but I do hope the greyness goes away and summer returns soon.


    1. Thank you. I spotted the geese from quite a distance away. It’s amazing to see them come directly overhead. I thought they would be noisy but maybe they knew it was too early for that 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness they are amazing pictures, the first one is perfect with the turbines in the background. Seals always seem a bit shy. It’s amazing that you saw all that in just 30 minutes xx


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