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My Sunday Photo – Week 24.


In celebration of Tim Peake’s safe return to Earth yesterday following six months living and working on the International Space Station (ISS), Freya and I had some space-themed fun, which included making this rocket and space suit.

She seemed really interested in the latest CBeebies Stargazing series and I must admit, as a bit of a space geek in my youth, I enjoyed them too. The week of nightly programmes featured Tim (and Miss Mouse) but I’m not sure Freya quite understood where he was – although, saying that, I’m not sure I can really get my head around it either. She seemed very concerned about him not being able to eat cake, which would be top of my worry list too if I was in space.

We followed his journey back to Earth on the iPad (it helped that he read the bedtime story on Friday night so she recognised him) and then re-enacted it in her rocket. I think she had fun.



26 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 24.”

  1. What a fantastic photo! It’s great that she’s so interested in space and learning. We’ve yet to catch up on Tim Peake’s return to Earth, but we’ve enjoyed hearing about everything while he’s been up on the ISS. Will take time to catch up today.


  2. Hi Tara, how wonderful that your daughter enjoyed learning about space, it’s amazing what they can learn even if she didn’t fully understand what it was really all about. I’m not sure I could venture into space knowing about the lack of cake though!

    I love Freya’s space rocket and suit. Her smile says it all.



    1. The good news is you can have cake in space! We looked it up as a result of her question and they seem to have quite a normal diet (no pizza though).


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