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My Sunday Photo – Week 23.


We are just back from a glorious week at the Haven Seashore Caravan Park in Great Yarmouth with my parents to celebrate my birthday.

One sunny afternoon, while my mum watched Freya as she napped, I spent a very happy couple of hours wandering the North Denes snapping photos of butterflies I had never seen before.

IMG_3876 (1)

That area of the beach is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is home to, among other things, one of the largest little tern colonies in the country each summer.

For me though, it’s all about the butterflies and there are several different types including grayling, small copper and the common blue, which I think is what my photos are of.

Common blue (female).
Common blue (male).

They were easy to spot among the greens and browns of the dunes but quite hard to photograph as they didn’t stay still for long.


It was one of the highlights of the holiday for me.

I also caught this little thing. He was teeny tiny and at first I thought it was a seed blowing in the wind. I think it might be some sort of caddis fly but I had no clue really. Anyone else know?




34 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 23.”

  1. Hi Tara, what lovely shots of butterflies! I too would have been in my element, North Denes looks the perfect place to wander with a camera. Sorry I can’t help you with your last picture though, I have no idea what it is.


  2. What wonderful photos, aren’t they such magnificent colours! I have never seen a butterfly like these before =)


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