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My Sunday Photo – week 23.


It was a dark and stormy night day (and by that I mean it was cloudy and damp) but that didn’t stop Freya and I from going on an adventure to the Museum of the Broads on Thursday.

While the museum itself was, of course, of interest, we went for the sole purpose of going on a boat – something Freya has wanted to try for months – and thankfully we managed to get on the first trip of the day, which ran despite the adverse weather conditions.


This is Falcon, a Victorian steam launch built in 1895. She has a long and interesting history, which includes having her steam plant replaced with a petrol engine and being renamed Vera at one point.

She was generously donated to the museum in 1997 and restored to her former glory. She now steams regularly along the river and Barton Broad.

I was a little bit unsure of what Freya would make of it but, as with most things, she loved it.

There were five passengers on board plus three crew who took it in turns to spot various things. Freya even called out a second heron on the bank before the rest of us saw it #proudmumalert.

She’s been a bit obsessed with herons since my running buddy told her she saw one in our local park and has been regularly making me look them up in the little Collins Gem bird guide I lug about with us (we have the insect one too, which gives me the creeps). She was so pleased to see them (and so close too).

We also saw two kingfishers (although the second was more a flash of vibrant blue) along with various swans and ducks and Hunsett windmill. Sadly, I only had my iPhone with me so these were the best shots I could get.

It was all very exciting – and we hadn’t even looked in the museum yet, which tells the story of the Broads from Roman times through medieval peat digging and on to the present.FullSizeRender

Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Wishing you a happy week.



21 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 23.”

    1. The first Kingfisher was sat in a tree too so we got a wonderful view (although one of the crew thought it might be poorly). She really enjoyed it. Very pleased I took her.


  1. Boat trips are always good fun, however old or young you are. Love that she has an obsession with herons and managed to spot one herself 🙂


  2. Hi Tara, the boat trip looks lovely. Those Collin Gem books are perfect for lugging round, I used to have a couple on British Wild flowers and British Wildlife, would love to be able to get one on native flowers and butterflies of Greece as I am hopeless at identifying them, but they don’t do them.

    Don’t blame you for having a proud Mum moment, Freya is only tiny and can identify a bird. I’d be shouting it from the rooftops.



    1. It was a shame about the weather in one way but in another at least there weren’t many people on the boat or on the river so we could enjoy it more. Such a shame they don’t do a Gem for wildlife in Greece. I wonder if any of the guide books would cover it? Probably not in as much detail.


  3. What a lovely trip out and I love how excited Fraya looks in the life jacket there. So much to spot along the river there, don’t forget to join me for Country Kids.


  4. The Norfolk Broads is somewhere I have never been. Love boats, it looks really interesting there. Not too keen on Herons ever since one cleared our garden pond of all our goldfish but one.


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