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Snippets – conversations with a nearly three year old.


“Is that where nan and grandad live?” Freya asked as we pulled into the train station – something we do on average twice a week.

“No, they live in a house but they have to come on the train to visit us,” I replied. “This is a station, where the trains live.”

“A house like grandma and grandad?”

“Yes, like grandma and grandad.”

“With a swimming pool?”

I frowned. As far as I know Mark’s parents don’t have a swimming pool. And then I twigged.

“No, that’s not grandma and grandad’s house, that’s called a hotel. They travel from their house and stay in a hotel when they visit us because they live a long way away.”

“Can we live in a hotel?”

I wish!


“Are we going to the P-word today?” She asked.

Clearly my secret code for talking to Mark about things is not as secret as I think. Just to be sure I ask: “What is the P-word?”

“The park.”

New secret code needed.


“Is your bike broken, mummy?” Freya asked from my bedroom doorway.

“No, this is an exercise bike,” I said looking up from reading on my Kindle app while continuing to pedal frantically (she was playing with her dad while I cycled). “It doesn’t move.”

“My bike can go outdoors,” she stated. “Maybe if you plug it in it will work?”

“It is working, it just doesn’t move. It’s helping mummy get stronger,” I said.

She looked about as confused as I have ever seen her.

Sometimes I feel the same.

Little Hearts, Big Love

8 thoughts on “Snippets – conversations with a nearly three year old.”

  1. Freya busting your secret code made me chuckle – you definitely have to come up with a new one! I love that she thought if you plugged your exercise bike in it might work properly and that grandma and grandad lived in a hotel. I had a similar thing with my eldest thinking that her Tiny Talk teacher lived in the church hall where the classes were – it was always referred to as “going to Louisa’s house.” Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂


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