I’ve had some fun this week, firstly with our new curtains (no, really) which I discovered made a dramatic photo backdrop (they are actually “Hotel Grey” not black), secondly with an actual black (and white) backdrop (an early birthday present) and thirdly playing around with cropping.

This one of Freya, against the curtains, is not entirely in focus but then, as she’s like a whirlwind, very few of them are.

I showed Mark the pic of me (below) and he said I looked like a mass murderer so maybe I won’t use it as my Twitter profile – or maybe I will, depending on what sort of day I’m having. I like that you can see my next victim Mark reflected in my eyes, if you look closely.


Just to prove that we can be (semi) normal. Here is one with the white background too.


Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a lovely week.