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My Sunday Photo – Week 20.


I’ll call this The Beach Spam Edition – sorry!

Before it got freezing cold again (in Norfolk, anyway) we had a lovely couple of mornings at two different beaches (Cromer and Overstrand). Freya is quite content making sand pies with the occasional paddle to collect water in her bucket (she had her wellies on but I forgot mine. I can confirm the sea is still cold).


We made a rookie mistake on our second visit by not checking the tides, which meant when we arrived there wasn’t any beach to play on. Whoops!

I had a lovely time snapping away, especially at the sea defences. I’ve got about 50 photos of them from every angle. There was something about them that just fascinated me. Don’t worry, I’ll only post one (plus a couple of bird pics).




Wishing you a happy (and warm) week.



39 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 20.”

  1. Sending you some Aussie warmth! I reckon you did well compared with the Brits they showed on our news recently who made the even more rookie mistake with the tides and ended up with their cars floating out to sea! You did well 🙂
    Wren x


    1. I will take any Aussie warmth you are willing to give 🙂 Oh my goodness! Believe me, if we’d had our car that probably would have been us. We’ve learned our lesson. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂


  2. Love the seagulls making off with their food and the groynes one is also very good. I too have lots of sea defence pictures (as well as a painting of one above my fireplace) but not one as good as that!


  3. Lovely photo’s. I love being by the sea and the sound of seagulls. It’s gone pretty chilly here too, though still very sunny 🙂


  4. Lovely photos, the last one is an incredible capture! – I really wish we lived nearer to the seaside. It’s such an interesting place to explore and Boo always has a great time when we finally get there!


    1. Thanks Jenni. Those beaches are about 40 mins away. Freya has always been a bit rubbish in the car but now she’s getting better we can hopefully go more.


  5. Hi Tara, what wonderful photos you take, I love the fence photo, of the different angle! It still is too cold here at the beach. In fact, when we go to the beach in Maine in the summer months, the Atlantic is still cold even then!😊


    1. Thank you. You see people swimming in the sea at all times of the year – sometimes even without wetsuits in the winter. Crazy. It’s never very warm but it was pretty cold that day 🙂

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  6. I love the first bird picture with the three and my favourite picture is the wood one. The depth of field in that is great. I love pictures like that. Great shot x


    1. I think it’s a gull but I’m no expert. We have a bird book so maybe I’ll look it up, just to be sure 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Stella.


  7. Hi Tara, I can imagine that the sea is pretty near freezing still over there! Is it ever warm? I love your pictures. My favourite is the sea defense one. I love the way the pole go out of focus. A close second is the first photo with the seagulls, I wonder what they were having for tea?



    1. Maybe for one day in August it will seem not as cold, Deb 🙂 Freya seemed delighted that I was freezing. Hehe. How is the water around Zante at the mo?


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