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My Sunday Photo – Week 16.

blue wall

Have I mentioned my irrational hatred of balloons?

Like most children, Freya loves them so I just have to suck it up (and flinch a lot when she sits on it, bangs it against things or just generally pretends it is an opponent in a wrestling match).

On this occasion my dislike was slightly tempered by how lovely it looked against this beautiful wall so I quickly took this iPhone pic before it could suddenly burst and make me (and her) jump.

It had some poop on it (the wall, not the balloon) so I used my trusty friend Fotor to clean it up.

Wishing you all a fab week.


50 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 16.”

  1. Awww what a gorgeous photo – I love the contrast of the wall and the balloon. Boo is a big fan of balloon and she delights in popping them (when I am least expecting it!)


  2. I adore this photo, the colours are perfect and the contrast is wonderful. I’m not a fan of balloons either but they certainly look pretty and this is such a gorgeous picture! X


  3. I love the contrast of colours!
    I always flinch when Alex gets hold of a balloon as I’m just waiting for him to squeeze it just that little bit too much for it to burst in his little hands…


    1. I know! I keep wondering what other photos I can take against it. Hehe.

      Argh, hopefully they won’t give you the same trauma as me 🙂


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