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My Sunday Photo – Week 14.


If you ask Freya what she wants to do that day she will most often say: “Go to the cathedral.”

I’ve tried to talk to her about what it is she enjoys about visiting but she just seems to like wandering about, which seems fair enough – especially as it’s what I enjoy too.

While I don’t have any religious faith, I admire the architecture of religious buildings – as well as the shapes and shadows they create – so I’m hoping to take her around as many different ones as possible.

The photo above is untouched but I had a play around in Fotor and used the colour splash option on this one below. Both are iPhone photos.



42 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 14.”

  1. I love that kids make unusual choices about what they want to do! Although it’s good that it’s based on what you like to do too. I love the way the light is shining through on the first photo.


    1. Thanks, Sarah. Yes, it’s really strange. She can see the spire when we go into the city but she’d only ever been in a couple of times before (one when she was a baby) so it’s interesting that she loves it so much.


    1. Thank you. I’m constantly surprised by the photos the phone takes. Often when the light is poor it takes a better photo than my big camera.


  2. What an amazing building. I love exploring places like this too so understand why Freya might like it there. It looks like a magical place with the light flooding throw into that first space. Great shots. I also like the different feel of the second shot without the light.


    1. Thank you. She loves just trotting around (inside and out). I wouldn’t have thought there would be enough to keep a toddler entertained but clearly something catches her attention.


      1. You know how to sell it to me 🙂 52 mins away by road, accord to Google maps. I’d be tempted if my in laws weren’t here 🙂


    1. Thank you. I always feel a bit worried about entering when I’m not religious; like I’m going to do something terrible because I don’t know the rules. I’ve only ever found them to be welcoming places though.


  3. Such lovely pictures Tara, I am not surprised you and Freya both love it there. The second picture is fab, Freya does look like she is floating xx


  4. What gorgeous photos and how lovely that you have found something you both love doing. I love the second one, like someone else said – it looks surreal and has a dreamlike quality about it!


  5. They are both very beautiful. I love the shadows and light in the first picture. I really like the second picture. I think it makes her look like she has invaded a black and white movie. Her facial expression stands out to me and it looks as though she is wondering how it happened. #MySundayPhoto


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