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Review: Zizzi Non-gluten Vegan Margherita Pizza.


When news spread that Italian restaurant chain Zizzi had introduced a new non-gluten vegan margherita pizza to its menu, the allergy forums on Facebook went into meltdown – and for good reason.

It seems a tasty free-from cheese pizza is the holy grail of the allergy/intolerance world…but I think the search might finally be over.

Mark has today off so, as a treat, we decided to take Freya for her first ever pizza – especially as tomato is a recent addition to her safe food list.

I went in initially to check that the Norwich branch in Tombland, near to the cathedral which is Freya’s favourite place to visit at the moment, had it on the menu and was assured it was.

When we were shown to the table we were also presented with the full allergy booklet, which tells you what goes into every meal they cook, as well as the allergen menu (PDF), which was brilliant. I had a look through it even though we were set on trying the pizza.


I was nervous at this point because Freya had said several times that morning that she didn’t like pizza, despite having never had it, plus she is very much being two so it is always touch and go at the moment as to whether it will be a dream date or a dinner disaster.

Thankfully, colouring AND stickers put her in a fine mood and when the food came she said: “Mmm I can’t wait to try pizza.”

After a few sample licks and a bite to get used to the taste and texture she was shovelling it in like a pro.

imageAs it was a regular adult sized pizza, I shared it with her and I have to say it was actually really tasty.

The cheese, MozzaRisella, made with “organic rice milk” , melted beautifully, which from my own experience at home with other brands can be troublesome, and was genuinely nice, especially when combined with the delicious tomato and basil sauce.

Obviously Freya is the one with intolerances and I can eat a normal pizza but I would certainly have it again with her – and, as much as I love cheese, I wouldn’t feel like I was   missing out.

The staff also seemed to know their stuff which gave me confidence to relax a bit more. We’ve been places before where they are worryingly clueless.

It was also lovely just to be able to go somewhere and not have to worry about what she might be able to eat, even on an allergy menu (to be honest, I usually cook her something at home and take it with us because it’s much easier and often safer). To be able to order  without any fuss or being made to feel like we’re being awkward was as welcome as the food in my book.

Pizza price: £7.95.

Have you tried it? What did you think? 



8 thoughts on “Review: Zizzi Non-gluten Vegan Margherita Pizza.”

  1. Oh that sounds brilliant! I agree with you, a decent cheese alternative is the thing that would convince me to go vegan – or at least dairy free. I’m so glad you both enjoyed it.


    1. Thank you. We use Violife at home (both the chunk of cheese and the creamy) which is one of the best I’ve found (especially as she can only tolerant small amount of soya too). I don’t mind eating that either.


  2. That’s awesome. So hard to get faux cheese that’s not plastic in texture and actually can be used on pizza. Fabulous that it means you can go out for a worry free dinner together.
    I personally love Zizzi’s desert spoons. I might have a couple in my kitchen drawer. No idea who put them there! 😉


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