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My Sunday Photo – week 12.

IMG_0587 (1)

This was another shot I took during our visit to Fairhaven Garden (more pics here, if you’re interested).

The light was really beautiful and I loved the way the rain drops were just sat there. It’s not a perfect picture, by any means, but it makes me happy to look at it – and I guess that’s the main thing.

If you’re reading this at about 9am then I’m currently (hopefully) running a 5K for Sport Relief so I will be along a bit later to see what everyone else has been capturing for #MySundayPhoto this week.


25 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 12.”

    1. Thank you. It started very well well but it was all up hill to finish, which we are not used to, so I had to have a little walk 😦 Evil Joan was definitely along in my head telling me to stop.


      1. Oh that’s brutal!! Hills are rough at the best of times but at the end seems incredibly harsh. Horrid Joan, she has very poor timing indeed!! Very well done on getting it done, I am most impressed!


      2. I’ve just come back from the physio and I probably have a stress fracture so that won’t have helped. No more running for a little while 😦


  1. That’s a really beautiful photo! Good luck with the run! We’re running for Sport Relief too today – I’m doing 5k with my 10 and 12yos and my 14yo is doing the 10k. Eek!


  2. Oh wow, what a stunning photo! Don’t the drops just look magical! I hope you are recovered from your run and it went well!


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