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My Sunday Photo – week 11.

freya flower bw

One dreary afternoon this week I thought I would be pro-active and get Freya to try on some of theย clothes in her wardrobe to see what else we might need for summer.

She looked so cute in this outfit, which my mum got from a charity shop last year but which was massive on her at the time, that I thought I’d snap a quick photo and send it to nan.

This turned into a bit of an impromptu photo shoot, especially when I realised her coat matched the flowers my mum bought me for Mother’s Day. Thankfully Freya was more than happy to play along on this occasion.

I like it in full colour (see below) but enjoyed playing around with Fotor’s colour splash option. What I really need is a proper white background (instead of a creased sheet!) but I feel that might be taking my hobby a bit too far.


48 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 11.”

  1. Such a beautiful photo of a beautiful girl. I love the edited version and I think you notice the creased sheet less in that one than in the full colour version!


  2. Aww that’s a lovely photo. I like the background. (You’re not supposed to tell everyone its a creased sheet, shh ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I think it gives the background texture and makes it more 3 dimensional.


  3. Ah very cute and what a beautiful spring colour, I have been through the boys wardrobes today doing exactly the same although they wont try on so I have to guess grrr boys x


  4. Oh they are both such gorgeous photos, I love the colour of the jacket – it is such a happy colour perfect for the spring. The first one has a gorgeous olden days quality too it, even with the bright flowers.


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