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Backseat driving: the next generation.


After a white van crashed into the back of my car while I was stopped at a red light (and I saw him not slow down in my rear view mirror with not a single thing I could do) I became a bit…vocal in regards to other people’s driving – whether I was sat in the backseat or not.

Following a trip to India several years ago, I thought I had come back largely cured of any anxiety – being near death at least 14 times every hour seems to do that to a person. Not even joking. Check this out.

And that example was actually a pretty sedate journey.

While I accept I sometimes still make helpful suggestions when people (ok, mainly Mark) are driving, I think Freya must have been an angry New York City cabbie in a past life.

I’m not sure whether it’s just a symptom of being two but there is So.Much.Rage.

The thing she hates most is being stuck in traffic – even for a minute. She will throw her arms in the air and shout: “Why isn’t that van moving?” Or just “Come on!” 

At green lights she yells: “Go, go, go!”

She tells Mark to slow down (I accept that’s on me) and me to go faster (that’s on him) and when her dad powered over a hill (or as much of a hill as you get in Norwich) Freya said: “Argh, hold my hand mummy, I’m scared.” Even though she clearly wasn’t. I might have laughed at that one and now every time we go over that hill she says it. 

The thing is, neither Mark nor I are that much of a backseat driver so I’m really not sure where it’s all coming from.

I can only hope that by the time she can actually drive she’s got it all out of her system.

And that she doesn’t mysteriously learn any swear words in the meantime.

Little Hearts, Big Love

15 thoughts on “Backseat driving: the next generation.”

  1. Haha we have a “go go goer” in our family too albeit in BattleDad’s car as it is a fast one. And I’ve had to curb my swearing in the car when BattleKid is in there with me as I recently called a truck driver a not-so-nice word and heard it repeated from behind me. Eek! Kids are great….


  2. Hehe!! This has made me laugh, my youngest used to be an awful back seat driver but only when I drove (obviously copying himself). She used to ask me if I had turned my lights on and point out parking spaces, even when I wasn’t looking for one ha! Bless Freya, she is a star xx


  3. I once called a woman who stole my car park an ‘impatient b…ch’ and the kids have always remembered and reminded me of the day I ‘lost it’ at the shopping centre. It was on the ‘afternoon kids bulletin of the day’ to their Dad, as he walked in the door, from work, that evening. The story gets trotted out at the most inappropriate moments…..remember that if you are ever tempted to lose your cool with kids in the car. They have huge antennae!


  4. Oh how funny! I have to confess that I can be a bit vocal about other people’s driving too (although much less angry now that I no longer drive in central London on a regular basis and small people in the car have helped me tone down the swearing too!) I’m surprised that my two haven’t started coming out with similar things to Freya though – and asking why vans aren’t moving or telling drivers “come on!” We do occasionally get “go, go, go!” though. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂


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