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My Sunday Photo – week 10.


Freya and I ignored all the jobs we had to do on Monday (ok, mainly me) and enjoyed some much needed open space and fresh air at one of our favourite places, Whitlingham Country Park – and, goodness, it was worth it.

As we were looking at various ducks and swans and enjoying the peace and quiet something caught my eye out on the water. Luckily I had my big camera with me and when I zoomed in I captured the photo above.

I’m a bit clueless when it comes to bird identification but I knew it was big and wondered if it was a grey heron (later confirmed by the wonderful folks on Twitter). I’m sad that I didn’t see it fly away as I bet that would be a sight to see (maybe next time).

Speaking of birds, the day before we had a quick walk around our local park and just as we were about to leave I looked up to see a little robin singing sweetly in the tree. I managed to take a couple of photos before it was off but it was such a dark day and only one of them was really any good so I had a play around with another. What do you think?

IMG_0222 (3)FullSizeRender


38 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 10.”

  1. That’s a brilliant photo of the robin! I never seem to manage to get photos of birds. I’ve seen herons in flight – they’re quite magnificent!


  2. Lovely images 🙂 I took almost an identical shot of a robin last weekend (except mine didn’t come out as well!). There seemed to be loads about – I always thought they were quite territorial.


  3. I really like the one you have played with. My camera’s zoom just isn’t good enough for shots of birds (unless it is our chickens!) but I have promised myself a new one once I have finished the camera course I am doing. Will you be adding these beauties to #AnimalTales?


  4. Wow what a great photo, we have a couple of herons that nest near us and they always so amazing to see both along the canal and in flight too


  5. We stumbled across a Heron last summer in a deserted beach in North Wales but we didn’t see it fly, that would be an awesome sight. Lovely pictures Tara, I keep seeing Robins but Jack frightens them off before I even think of getting my camera out. The colours in your picture are stunning xx


    1. I think I need to go back to school and learn about birds too. I’ve just bought a book to lug about with me so that I can identify them more easily.


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