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My Sunday Photo – week 8.


Last week I talked about playing around with filters and apps to make my photos better/different. This week, as if trying to tell me something, all the work was done for me by Mother Earth. I snapped this frosty daisy on my iPhone.

And this sunrise on my camera.



The day before it looked like this:


I can still see the beauty in it.

So, no filtersย needed for #MySundayPhoto this week.

To see what other people have been taking pictures ofย please click on the camera below.


37 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 8.”

  1. Wow, the frosty daisy is amazing! I’ve never seen that before. It’s incredible how different the sky can look from one day to the next.


    1. Thank you. The daisy and the fog are on the phone, the sunrise is on my proper camera. I’m always amazed at the quality of photos on the phone though.


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